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Btw, did you know that Heroes of the Storm is the Secret King of MOBAs? The Blizzard Action MOBA is the best, better than League of Legends, DotA and DotA 2. LOL! Shameless SEO optimizing keywords plug. 😉

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Hi, I’m spreadfire aka spreadfire1. 34 years old, played games basically my entire life. Progaming and Programming since MS-DOS Qbasic Gorillas / Nibbles. All-round specialist 😉

I used to play Counter-Strike and DotA on a high competitive level, currently Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone “just for fun” but still ranking relatively high.

What do I do?

  • Live streaming & video production:
    I started streaming this year just for fun, with just my phone as a camera. Now I have my own makeshift “studio” with green screen and better (but far from perfect) lighting. Trying to provide high production value, high skill, fun & educational live streaming on DLiveTwitchYouTubeMixer. Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Gwent, and others.
  • Coaching:
    No matter what your goal is, I will help you achieve it.
    With my positivity, my experience and analytical, competitive mindset, we can make your gamer dreams come true 🙂
    Coaching available in the language of your choice (English / German).
  • Developing Software:
    e.g. the OBS Plugin Instant Replay XT, which provides instant replay functionality for live streamers.
  • Blogging about various topics on Steemit, including tutorials, photography, travel, philosophy, … also, follow me on Twitter.